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Works List

Speakeasy: Vignettes of the Roaring Twenties
(for wind ensemble, 2024) 


Speakeasy: Vignettes of the Roaring Twenties 
(for orchestra, 2021)

3333/4331 perc + hp + strings

Duration: 17 minutes

Queen's Bath, Kauai (2023)

String quartet + harp

Duration: 5 minutes

Solar Flare (2019)

2232/2221 T + strings view instrumentation

Duration: 5 minutes

Solar Flare is a sonic exploration of the intersection between ancient solar mythology and modern solar technology. Drawing inspiration from solar deities of various cultures, the music captures the power and significance of the sun in human history. As the music progresses, it evolves to depict the advancements in solar energy technology, with intricate rhythmic motives mirroring the operation of solar panels alongside soaring melodic fragments symbolizing the sheer power of the sun and the promise of renewable energy.



NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory solar flare image from Jan. 5, 2023

Selected Other Works


Speakeasy: Four Vignettes of the Roaring Twenties (2021) 17'

Solar Flare (2019) 5'

Elegiac Riff (2009) 6'



Speakeasy: Vignettes of the Roaring Twenties (forthcoming! 2024) 17'


Queen's Bath, Kauai (2023) 5' - string quartet + harp

Sky Space (2009) 8' - Pierrot ensemble

Vision of San Hacinto (2009) 4' - solo violin

Flight through an instance (2004) 4' - flute, marimba, percussion

Glimpse for string quartet (2003) 3' - string quartet


Vox hypnosis (2009) 9'

My talking clarinet (2009) 4'

ephemeron (2004) 3'


The Mind of Anxiety (2008) 40' - electronic score, textile installation, video, and modern dance

Reporting Live From Crazy (2008) 7' - musical theater

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